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Products: Thermoplastic Paint

PPI Thermoplastic Paint in Bag
P P I Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials

P P I thermoplastic road marking materials are made in powder form and must be melted in a pre-heater and are applied to concrete cement and asphalt road surfaces by screed, extrusion or spray applicators. PPI Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials fully conform to the specifications of TIS 542-2549, BS 3262, AASHTO M249, EN1436, EN1871 and can also be customized according to customers' requirements in any International Standards.
Types Of PPI Thermoplastic:
City Grade: suitable for heavy traffic in the city.
Country Grade: suitable for normal traffic on long distance highways.
Both grades can be applied by screed, spray or extrusion methods, and are compatible with equipment of any make such as walk behind machine, self - propelled machine, ride among machine and truck mounted machine. For more info, please email us at  contact@trafficproduct.com

During pouring material.
P P I Thermo-Profile Marking
P P I Thermo-Profile Marking improves road safety by warning drivers in every lane changes. Highly visible in heavy rain, dark road condition. Creates vibration when driven on that awakens sleepy drivers. P P I Profile Marking can be applied by manual and mechanical screed applications.
White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue & Black
20kgs. & 25kgs. (2 Layers) Outer Woven Plastic Bag & Inner Solid Plastic Bag
1,000kgs. (2 Layers) Outer Woven Plastic Bag & Inner Solid Plastic Bag

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