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Products: Reflective Road Stud
 TIS 2573-2555

PPI Reflective Road Studs  (click picture to view catalogue)                            

Type  Bi-directional
Size  100 x 105 x 20 mm.
Shank  52 mm. Long,  75 mm. shank's tip circumference
Body Material  Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy
Compressive Strength  60 Tons
Reflective Panel  The reflective area is more than 2000 Sq.mm.
with heavy duty lens covering the prismatic reflectors.
Available in Yellow color.
Installation  Drill a round hole with 26mm. Diameter and  55mm. deep
and fill with epoxy adhesive for the road stud shank to be pressed in.
Cat's Eyes Reflective Road Studs raised pavement markers for
efficient, all weather and night time roadway guidance.

Solar Powered Road Studs  (click here to see catalogue)


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