• Two grades of thermoplastic product are offered,First, City grade is suitable for heavy traffics in the busy area. Second, country grade is suitable for lighter traffic.
  • Based on a formulation of plasticised resins, aggregates, pigments and glass beads.
  • Must be melted in pre-heater before using
  • Asphalt, Concrete

    5 minutes (30 degree Celsius)

    White, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, & Green

    20 KG Plastic bag or non-soluble sack bag

    TIS 542-2549, BS 3262, EN 1871-2000(EUROPEAN
    STANDARD), AASHTO M 249, JIS K 5665, AS 4049.2-1994(AUSTRALIA), NTZ M/20: 1994(NEW
    ZEALAND), EN 1436

    20 KG per 4-5 Square Meter

    Certificates & Achievements